The Re-Connections series is an exploration of place and reconnection to the land, specifically around my home. 
Each of the site-specific artworks was temporarily installed and photographed with their corresponding native plants.   I invite the viewer to re-examine and re-connect with the place where they live.  The process of experimentation and research was inherent to the finished pieces.  This project was my journey of re-connecting to place through nature that included experimenting with natural and recycled sculptural materials, while researching and identifying plants with a focus on invasive versus native plants.

The fragility of the plants and the Earth is mirrored in the ephemeral and delicate materials used that include newsprint, ice, water, mud, and tissue paper.  The materials used were a by-product of my life, such as the packaging from food that was going to be recycled.  Likewise, the water used for printing with the mud was collected from my rain barrel.  

I believe that we, the visitors, the guests on this land, must nurture and take care of the land to support the plants and animals we have disrupted. 


Red Huckleberry, cardboard food packaging, removable sticky putty
Deer and Lady Fern, newsprint and toilet paper roll
Western Red Cedar, water/ice
Bitter Cherry, leaf printed with mud onto bitter cherry bark
Vine Maple, leaf printed with mud on tissue paper